Songswift: global village web solutions

SongSwift has been in the business of web design and development since the inception of the internet and WWW as a business marketing tool in the 1990’s. Our ability to design aesthetically graceful, client-specific user interfaces, coupled with the technological breakthroughs of Open Source development and PHP/MySQL Content Management and E-Commerce systems allows us to bring our clients a level of excellence that’s at the cutting-edge of today’s internet technologies.

Our primary goal is to provide Dynamic, Database-driven, Content Management web sites and portals using Open Source solutions to offer cutting-edge, Web 3.0 application functionality, ease-of-use and affordability to non-profits and NGO’s helping the greater good. We have a global presence with offices in Egypt, France, New York and Wisconsin to provide support to our clients over several time zones.

Please visit our web development site for more information and to contact us.